"Alexander and I are in a lifetime commitment! The Alexander Technique has helped me reclaim my back.  Sessions with Rebecca enabled me to have more purposeful movement and mobility whether I am in a gym, physical therapy, walking or just cleaning a mirror! When your anatomical parts are in the positions Nature intended, your movements become more efficient and easier...and   at my age with arthritis, I don't want to be a victim.

What's unique about Alexander is that it is portable! After proper training, it becomes a mindset. When I wake up in the morning, I feel my limbs and back expanding instead of collapsing! When I go to slice a raw carrot I discover that I didn't need all that ridiculous shoulder exertion just wastefully used all those years! And the joy of walking with correct posture now brings with it a new attitude.

My advice to anyone with nasty back or joint issues: Get liberated with Alexander! It's a game-changer. "


Age 73

"Alexander has taught me confidence, thoughtfulness, and self-discipline, and has made me a better person overall.  As a teacher, Rebecca is incredibly knowledgeable, practical, professional, and uniquely attuned to the needs of each of her students.  I truly believe that this is a skill anyone and everyone can use."


Age 24

"The Alexander Technique has changed my life. I held a lot of stress throughout my body and suffered from headaches.  I sing, and tension in my shoulders neck and throat had built up over years, despite formal Conservatory training.  I had tried yoga, stretching, massage, and other things, but I could never really find a way to release that tension. Rebecca was instrumental in showing me how.  She is an extraordinary teacher and human being who creates a safe, positive space. I highly recommend Rebecca, who is one of the most in-tune, kind, supportive teachers I have ever met. She truly cares about her students, their progress, and their emotional well-being. "


Age 32

"I came to Rebecca to get help with my jaw (I grind my teeth) and my pelvis, which I had injured after falling. I discovered a full-body relief!  She helped me work thought the habitual tensions I carried with me and showed me how to find better ways to stand, to walk, to BE. I cannot stress enough how the Alexander Technique and Rebecca have changed my life for the better. As a teacher, Rebecca is calming and knowledgeable: she always knows how to describe what to do in a way that makes it click in your brain."


Age 28

"I've continued taking lessons with Rebecca for 5 years because they provide an essential support to nearly everything that I do in my everyday life."


Age 31

"I came to Rebecca with Fibromyalgia and in massive pain.  In our first lesson, she gave me immediate relief. She taught me small ways to move my body without being in pain.  Rebecca has even worked with me by coming to my house for a lesson when I could not get to her because of my condition, which I find remarkable. My posture has gotten much better, my energy has improved, the pain is gradually lessening, my mood is brighter. "


Age 58

"The Alexander Technique has been a part of my life over the last 8 years because of its positive influence on my physical and emotional health. Learning it has been a major cause of my well-being. 


The Technique has improved my breathing by teaching me to notice and then release the unnecessary tension in my whole self that led to my high chest breathing.


It only takes one session with Rebecca to feel like I have had days of sleep. She is fantastic to work with as a personal coach when working in Theatre or in any field of the performing arts.  Alexander was indispensable for the quality of my performance in the most physically and vocally demanding role I have ever performed. The Technique is not only a wonderful grounding tool for a performer, but also a way of managing (in the moment) the stresses that everyday life brings."


Age 30

"I have found Alexander to be essential both as a performer, and as a human being. As a man with an essential tremor, the effect it has had on my ability to control that has been tremendous. As an extremely tall person (6'6") it has helped me avoid self-consciousness, and mitigate potentially harmful postural adjustments I have made because of my height. As an actor, it has opened me up emotionally and vocally, as well as relaxed me on stage. Alexander is a tool every performer should have. In my 5 years with Rebecca, I have learned a huge amount about myself, I have never felt self-conscious in a lesson, and I have always left her classes feeling more in control of my body. She is non-judgmental, eternally helpful, and intensely knowledgeable and passionate about her field of expertise. I cannot recommend her enough, though I have certainly tried.  "


Age 25

"I teach people how to use computers and am bent over for hours because of my work.  I had tried doctors, chiropractors, and other methodologies; all brought only temporary relief from headaches and neck pain. After my first Alexander lesson, the symptoms went away and never returned.

I continue taking lessons because I feel better and better over time.  My posture and movement consistently improve. The lessons just make me feel good. I intend to never stop even though it is said that just 10 lessons make all the difference.

Rebecca is excellent in bringing the ideas of the Technique (being aware, stopping what is not useful, and making a different choice) into every lesson. Her gentle touch, her encouragement and wonderful patience are unique. She and the Technique have helped me to improve myself in many ways and helped me to get through surgery, injuries, and medical treatments.  "


Age 70

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