The F.M. Alexander Technique is an educational approach. Lessons in it teach a unique way of looking at patterns of habitual tension and how they effect you in activity, while also giving you common-sense tools to make improvements on your own.


Now 125 years old, the Technique provides students with a method that addresses prevention, pain relief, self-care, learning, and skill-improvement.  People from a vast range of ages and diverse walks of life use Alexander Technique to help themselves, including: musicians with R.S.I. or tendinitis; hypermobile people; mindfulness/ awareness practitioners; computer users with back pain or neck pain; those living with M.S. or auto-immune diseases; as well as public speakers, actors, and athletes who want to prevent injury while improving endurance and performance.

Studying with Rebecca has profoundly improved my life.  I first began taking lessons after an intense back injury and, at the time, was walking with a cane.  6 months later, I am walking on my own and more efficiently than ever before.  I am truly grateful.

Michelle, age 23


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