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  • Recommended lesson set-up: 

    • Because you will need to see me well, a laptop or desk top w separate camera is preferable to a tablet.  Avoid using your phone.

    • Because I will need to see you well, be in a space that allows for about 6 feet of distance from your camera, if possible.

    • Be in a space that affords you some quiet for an hour or so.

    • Have soft-cover books (enough so that if you stacked them, they would be 4 to 5 inches high) on hand.

    • Have throw pillows on hand.

    • Have a yoga mat or blanket nearby for floor work. If your floor is carpeted, that works!

    • Have a couch or an ottoman or two chairs of the same seat height in the room.

    • A full-length mirror (an inexpensive door-mirror is fine) will be very useful, but isn't required.

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